We are pleased to present the Detoxification Network of America.
It is the organization with a new human purpose.

The Detoxification Network of America is changing how we view and live our lives by redefining human health. Caring for our health is something we should have been doing all along. Admittedly, some of us have made a few mistakes along the way. We knew that diet and exercise were important, but today our concern must be about a planet we continue to pollute, where even our food is infused with synthetic chemicals and other poisonous substances that our bodies refuse to process. The world is becoming increasingly more toxic.  If humanity is to survive, we need solutions.

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The DNA Message

DNA’s mission is all about awareness. We will introduce solutions developed by the New Medicine Foundation, founded by physicians who could no longer ignore an endless stream of patients complaining of back and joint pain, indigestion, depression, headaches, chronic fatigue and a host of even more sensitive and serious ailments. So many people should not be ill. Journals, studies and communication with other health professionals confirmed it, “…something was definitely wrong with Americans and it was reaching pandemic proportion.” The question: Is our world making us sick? The answer was yes.

NMF was created to provide natural and efficient health solutions backed by evidence based scientific data. Steeped in real world science, NMF has founded an extraordinary and innovative protocol; a specialized program to stem the tide of sickness so prevalent in our society. With comprehensive patient testing, simple to follow, health regimens and hands-on support systems, patients are now taking back wellness as their natural state of being. At DNA, we’re on a mission to realign and redirect human lives through awareness… and it is exciting!

NMF exists to address the epidemic of chronic illness and to improve health naturally through its revolutionary protocol. We at DNA, a New Medicine Foundation subsidiary, are taking this knowledge to the millions who need it and to provide a new purpose to humanity… to live healthy and to live long. DNA leads a movement based upon health, togetherness, success, and sustainability. It is a group enabling friends and families to support and share health and life together. This is an honorable mission…welcome to DNA, the New Human Movement.

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Thank you for becoming part of something truly remarkable and truly revolutionary.

We face many enemies in our lifetime, real and imagined. However, you should know that toxins are real and they are our enemy. Thoughts, stress and emotions can create biochemical toxins in our body while others come from what we eat, drink and the environment. No surprise then when social scientists tell us these are among the most stressful times human beings have ever experienced

Detoxification, better information, organic nutrition and learning innovative life skills can make a big difference. But it is also going to take seeing the world through a new lens; changing consciousness through authentic communication with everyone we meet. DNA empowers you to make that happen.

DNA is excited that you are joining our revolution. I’m also enthused that our health-minded, thought-leadership has provided sound ways for you to improve your personal health as well as your wealth. As you also accomplish this with others, it will create limitless possibilities.

Finally, I’ll close by saying how very proud I am that “America” is an important part of our name. But make no mistake; we at DNA have plans of going global. And we do so look forward to your involvement when that exciting day arrives.

You have something special inside, driving you. Thank you for bringing your power to my vision and the future of Detoxification Network of America. Working together, our revolution is unstoppable!

Best in health,

Dr. Edward Pearson, MD, ABIHM


Copyright 2011 by Detoxification Network of America
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